Detox Super Fit, help your body get rid of toxic waste!

06 September 2021

Detox Super Fit, help your body get rid of toxic waste!

Detox Super Fit, help your body get rid of toxic waste!

Be healthy, have energy and balance are three fundamental aspects in anyone's life.The reality is that healthy eating isn't always achieved and this is due to lack of time, laziness, willpower to change habits ...

These factors lead to changing the diet for unhealthy meals thatwill “intoxicate” our organism and difficult the entire digestive process.There are several harmful agents that we are subjected to in everyday life: chemicals found in water, the atmosphere, food, among others. In addition to these substances, we have to add the ones that our body naturally produces (waste products that result from the normal functioning of cells).

In addition to the external factors mentioned above, we must also consider: increased stress, alcohol consumption, tobacco, excess protein and poor diet, which diminish liver functions leading to our body becoming intoxicated and imbalanced.

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To eliminate toxins and improve liver function is necessary:

- Have a healthy diet: limiting the intake of toxic substances and eating foods that enhance the elimination of toxins;
- Stay hydrated by drinking water / teas;
- Use supplements rich in substances that promote liver function, such as DETOX SUPER FIT by Rocksprint!

Detox Super Fit by Rocksprint has as main benefits:
- Promotes a good liver metabolism;
- Combat the formation of free radicals;
- Reduces the feeling of muscle fatigue;
- Assists in weight loss;
- Stimulates the digestive process, improving digestion and functioning of the gallbladder;
- Increased energy levels and quality of life.

Detox Super Fit is a versatile supplement, so you can use it according to your goal:

- Detox Super Fit + Drainer: promote a decrease in abdominal bloating and fluid retention;
- Detox Super Fit + Thermo Lady or Thermo Man: accelerate weight and fat loss;
- Detox Super Fit + CLA: provide a faster and healthier toning;
- Super Fit Detox + All In Recoup: increases the elimination of free radicals and decreases the sensation of pain and muscle fatigue after intense training or testing.
- Detox Super Fit + Vitamin Daily Complex: maintaining of good liver function and overall health.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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