CLA Professional, the answer you were looking for

10 January 2022

CLA Professional, the answer you were looking for

CLA Professional, the answer you were looking for

CLA also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a natural omega-6 fatty acid. This is an essential fatty acid, so our body can't make it, so you should include it in your diet and supplementation.

CLA 2000 PROFESSIONAL by Rocksprint acts on fat metabolism by reducing the size of fat cells, thereby leading to weight loss. It also facilitates the gain of muscle mass, which translates into a more defined body with more muscle and less fat. Each intake of CLA 2000 PROFESSIONAL contains 2000mg of CLA to boost your results.


CLA 2000 PROFESSIONAL benefits:

- Weight Loss and Increased Metabolic Rate: CLA reduces body fat by increasing the basal metabolic rate, i.e. it increases the amount of energy the body needs to function, converting fat into energy more efficiently. In CLA weight loss, lipolysis increases, decreasing fatty acid uptake by adipocytes, thereby decreasing fat mass.

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- Increased muscle mass: as mentioned above, by increasing the basal metabolic rate, CLA decreases the percentage of fat mass. Despite the decrease in fat, it is not always reflected in weight, as CLA can effectively increase muscle / fat ratio.

- Lowering cholesterol and blood glucose: CLA helps to lower blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels, thereby reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. CLA is therefore thought to have antidiabetic properties, including improved insulin sensitivity due to reductions in fasting glucose and insulin levels.


To take away advantage of the CLA 2000 PROFESSIONAL benefits, you also need to eat a balanced low fat diet and engage in regular physical activity.


By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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