Circuit workout

25 March 2021

Circuit workout

Circuit workout

Circuit Workout is a training method in which successive exercises are performed successively with little or no rest time between them.

In this type of training, usually 6 to 12 exercises are used. Depending on the purpose, several series of the same circuit or different circuits may be performed.

is an extremely dynamic and intense workout that can be accomplished in a short time. It will be a good alternative for those who have little time to train and is easily adaptable to the needs, goals and physical condition of each individual. According to some studies promotes a rapid improvement of cardiovascular endurance as well as muscular endurance. It is quite efficient in losing fat mass, however, for those who want a significant increase in muscle mass may not be the best option.

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With the challenge of training the whole body, it can be organized in several ways, using more segmented exercises or more compounds, the goal is to mobilize most muscle groups. In the background, what is intended is to increase the energy expenditure which, consequently will increase the caloric expenditure.

Taking into account the specificity of each person the circuit workout can be programmed with a fixed number of repetitions (Circuit by repetitions), or for a determined time (Circuit-time) in the execution of each exercise.

However, we should not forget the rest time at the end of each circuit series (eg 1-3 minutes), so that we can recover and start the circuit again.

In the future, you can move to more intense protocols, such as the Tabata, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and HIT (High Intensity Training), learn more about this type of training here .

This is the tip, however we recommend whenever possible to use a qualified professional to better guide and direct your training through your individual goals and needs.

By Ricardo Jesus, Personal Trainer