Are you an athlete and can't take caffeine?

14 November 2019

Are you an athlete and can't take caffeine?

Are you an athlete and can't take caffeine?

If you're an athlete, you've probably considered caffeine already. At least 75% of athletes tend to consume this substance as a dietary supplement.

Caffeine is a stimulant widely used in sport for its range of action:
• increases awareness, attention and concentration
• reduces tiredness
• decreases subjective perception of effort, thus delaying fatigue
• improves mood

Fig. I - Caffeine Actions

Caffeine Response
The body's response to caffeine is variable, as there are people in whom having coffee before bed does not take their sleep, and in others is a guarantee of a clear night. This has to do with genetic variation, mainly in two genes: CYP1A2 and ADORA2A.

Fig. II - Caffeine Benefits

Another fact inherent in caffeine consumption is decreased tolerance due to overuse and / or continued consumption. Over time, caffeine users no longer feel its effects, as chronic caffeine consumption leads to adrenal wear. Thus, caffeine break cycles of about 15 days are recommended.

If you can't drink caffeine, if you want to reduce your consumption or need to take a break and need an alternative, here is the answer:

Rocksprint Volumizer has a formula that will help you boost energy without any caffeine added.

Volumizer Actions:
- Helps to control caffeine cycles to prevent adrenal overload.
- Increases ATP (energy metabolism) production.
- The best option for mid-afternoon workouts to have no impact on sleep quality.
- Increases available energy for better sports performance.
- Improves muscle nutrition by increasing the production of nitric oxide which increases vasodilation and consequently increases the supply of nutrients to muscle cells.

Another Caffeine Free Solution!

Rockprint Citrulline is a L-citrulline-rich supplement that ensures:
- More energy - increases ATP production.
- Less fatigue - reduces ammonia, one of the substances responsible for feeling fatigue and muscle pain.
- More nutrition - increases the efficiency in transporting nutrients and oxygen to muscle cells.

If you have any questions about which supplement is right for you, make an appointment for free on our Online Counseling here.

By Carla Santos, Pharmacist and Sports Nutrition Specialist