Advantages and Challenges of Duo Training

21 October 2021

Advantages and Challenges of Duo Training

Advantages and Challenges of Duo Training

Personal Trainer training has been gaining more notoriety. This fact is mainly due to the evolution in the training of physical exercise professionals, as well as to the quality inherent to the service itself.

The individualized orientation of each client throughout the process is one of the most important factors for their search, however, the commitment that we both assume (PT & Client), as well as the established rapport is the key to achieve their goals. However, we could say that this type of service is not for everyone, since most people see it as a high-value service.

Duo training has been taken very seriously by both parts, in order to be an assertive solution for the clients, not only because of the shared investment, but also by increasing motivation to train. The healthy competitive and learning environment for two that this type of training can provide, proves to be mostly challenging and extremely stimulating for the pair. According to the generality of my students who train in pairs, this service not only offers an increase in their physical capacities, but also provides unique and fun moments of escape from everyday life and daily stress in general. But for this to happen in this way, it will be necessary to say that both share a physical aptitude and goals very similar to each other.

However, not everything is an advantage, one of the biggest challenges for the affinity between the pair is the possibility of decreasing the focus and concentration in the training betrayed by the conversation between the pairs, thus distorting the entire training process. The individual rhythm of learning, as well as the particularity of each metabolism may be one more condition to be taken into account. In this sense, and when associated with a wrong technical execution of the exercises (either due to the inherent competitiveness or due to a slower consolidation on the part of an element), it may jeopardize all the performance, contributing to a gradual differentiation between the pair, thus generating large constraints. Finding the right time to train and maintain it, nowadays, can also be a challenging task, since its change may become unfeasible for both your partner and your Personal Trainer.

By, Ricardo Jesus, Personal Trainer