7 Tips to Relieve Muscle Pain

20 May 2021

7 Tips to Relieve Muscle Pain

7 Tips to Relieve Muscle Pain

Do you suffer from muscle pain after workouts? Surely you have heard that if you feel pain after a workout, it is a sign that you have trained well. Is it true?

In part yes, because, for the occurrence of muscular hypertrophy, it is necessary to occur a muscular adaptation, which goes through the occurrence of inflammation. That is, during exercise, there is a response of the muscles and tendons to the load that causes muscle adaptations, such as muscle fiber damage and inflammatory process, which immediately follows repair / anabolism.

As a result of this muscle reaction, post-exercise muscle pain or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) arises. This adaptation process begins at the very end of training and peaks during the first 24 hours after stimulation, causing some muscle pain and discomfort. For those who are starting to practice sports can feel these pains during the first weeks of training.

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Therefore, inflammation / pain are part of training success. The problem is when these pains are severe and constant, which may mean that some exercise has not been done correctly, that you need rest, or that you are deficient in some important nutrient for the muscle recovery process.

Tips to prevent and treat muscle pain:

1. Plan your training, preferably with the support of a sports professional, so that it is not overly demanding and beyond your abilities.

2. Always warm up to a moderate and increasing intensity of at least 10 minutes.

3. Follow a diet plan advised by a nutritionist so that the amount of macronutrients, such as carbohydrates and proteins, is adjusted to your daily life and according to your goal. Carbohydrates are important for replenishing the energy expended in training and protein to repair and nourish muscles.

4. Nourish your muscles immediately after training with a post workout supplement: 

After training, the body has a window of effectiveness for repair and to prevent muscle catabolism, so supplementation should be done no later than 2 hours after training.
Post-workout supplementation is critical to replenishing energy, nourishing muscles with their essential nutrients (such as protein, BCAAs, and Glutamine), preventing muscle breakdown, reducing pain, preventing exacerbated inflammation, and preventing the occurrence of injuries.

Therefore, we recommend All in recoup by Rocksprint, a supplement rich in all the key ingredients for good muscle recovery.

5. In the intense pain phase apply Rocksprint Collagen Joint complex gel to reduce pain and inflammation.

6. Do hot and cold water baths or apply hot and cold towels and even ice, to activate blood flow and control inflammation.

7. Do complementary exercises for muscle relaxation, breathing / oxygen control and drainage of excess edema caused by inflammation. Here are some exercises: Yoga, Pilates and Active Stretching.

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By Carla Santos, Pharmacist and Sports Nutrition Specialist

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