7 Benefits of Walking

10 January 2019

7 Benefits of Walking

7 Benefits of Walking

Nowadays, it is consensual the high importance that a more active life can represent in the perspective of health promotion and healthier habits.

After understanding the reasons that may explain the success of the huge adherence to walking (Walking, An Increasingly Fashionable Practice), nothing better than knowing more closely some of the main benefits that are inherent in this activity:

Helps reduce blood pressure: some studies report that walking performed with some regularity may be an important agent in lowering maximum and minimum blood pressure;

Improves physical fitness: regular aerobic activity, such as walking, promotes the dynamic participation of various muscle groups, has cardiovascular and muscular benefits, which translates into an improvement in performance level and greater physical endurance;

Control and management of weight: considering that it is an activity that allows some energy expenditure since it involves some of the main muscle groups, consequently, it becomes very efficient in the reduction of the percentage of fat mass and in this way, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases;

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Fighting osteoporosis: the impact of the foot on the ground while walking, stimulating reaction to bone fixation of calcium, thus reducing the risk of contracting osteoporosis; 

Improves brain functions: people who practice physical activity more regularly, showed positive changes, not only in the morphology of the brain, but also in its functionality.

Combat Stress: Physical exercise has a major impact on the hormonal regulation, lowering the levels of "stressing" hormones at rest, thus improving the feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

Cholesterol and triglycerides: walking can be considered as an important aid in lowering total cholesterol and even more preponderant in maintaining the so-called “good cholesterol”, HDL.

So, walking not only for its many benefits, but also for its ease of accomplishment, is a great suggestion to start a more active and healthy lifestyle, thus promoting quality of life and well-being daily.

By Tiago Oliveira, Personal Trainer