5 Ways to speed up muscle recovery

27 July 2020

5 Ways to speed up muscle recovery

5 Ways to speed up muscle recovery

When starting a training routine, it is normal to feel more tired, as itís a process of adapting the body. To have a better adaptation to the training, itís important to have periods of rest, so that the pains give way to the feeling of physical well-being.

For those who regularly practice physical exercise, this rule also applies, as overtraining leads to stagnation or a decrease in sports performance, since there is no time to recover the muscle. Recovery and rest are an integral part of any training program to overcome muscle fatigue.

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Here are 5 tips that will help you speed up muscle recovery:

1- Plan rest and recovery days: to avoid training overload, itís essential to consider longer intervals between workouts (you may have to reach 2 days interval) and plan recovery workouts. Opting for light training, Pilates or Yoga allows a more efficient recovery.

2- Hydration: in all phases of training hydration is important. A reduced amount of water can affect the muscle, which can lead to a tendency for cramps and injuries. To avoid these episodes itís important to hydrate yourself with water or sports drinks, both before, during and after training, thus avoiding aggression to the muscle.

3- Sleeping: insomnia, bad nights or even unregulated sleep cycles can increase muscle fatigue, as well as the propensity for injuries. For a good recovery of the organism itís important to have a regular sleep. When it doesnít appear, either due to insomnia or stress, you can choose to use supplements with melatonin and passionflower to facilitate rest.

4- Food: one of the fundamental pillars in physical recovery and injury prevention is a healthy and balanced diet, where a variety of nutrients are essential for the body. Maintaining a diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals are important to replenish energy reserves, as well as prevent muscle breakdown.

5- Supplements: supplements help to achieve a sufficient supply of compounds that have energizing properties, helping to recover the feeling of vitality and well-being. Rocksprint post-workout can be a good option:

ALL IN RECOUP: is a recovery supplement that will nourish your muscles to increase stamina, flexibility and reduction in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This supplement combines the action of carbohydrates and protein leading to faster absorption, thus nourishing the muscle so that itís prepared and fully recovered for another workout.

ALL IN RECOUP benefits:

- Accelerated recovery;

- Adequate muscle nutrition;

- Best performance;

- Reduced pain and fatigue feeling

Itís important to take into account that taking supplements to reduce fatigue, doesnít solve the situation in its entirety if there isnít a correct diet, regular practice of physical activity as well as sleeping an adequate number of hours. If you're still not clear, schedule your online counseling, in our exclusive Counseling service, completely free.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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