5 Tips for surviving Christmas season overeat

10 December 2020

5 Tips for surviving Christmas season overeat

5 Tips for surviving Christmas season overeat

In the Christmas season, food goes far beyond what is recommended, as controlling the amounts and choosing healthy choices is almost an impossible task.

In addition to these slips, the lack of regular practice can lead to your results being “ruined” and conditioning your performance on post-holidays.

To “survive” the upcoming holiday season we have left some essential tips:

1 - Don't be too restricted in the months before Christmas to achieve greater self-control at this time;

2 - Before starting any meal, first analyze all available foods and try to make healthier choices;

3 - Avoid alcoholic and soda, as these represent a significant caloric increase;

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4 - Eat salad or cooked vegetables with the main dishes or start the meal with a soup;

5 - If you cannot do the same number of workouts, don’t leave them entirely while keeping some physical exercise;

To avoid balance swings (weight gain and fat) use Rocksprint Block Fats & Carbs supplement half an hour before meals to block the absorption of fats and sugars and Rocksprint Detox Fit for better fat metabolism and liver detoxification;

If you want to keep your muscles intact after the holidays without so much training intensity use Rocksprint HMB supplement and Rocksprint Iso Whey protein.

To surprise the guests, you can choose to make this delicious and typical recipe of the season. This option can also serve as a post workout snack for more energy / protein:

Energy and Protein Truffles

1 cup of oatmeal 
˝ Cup of dehydrated dates 
120g of hazelnuts 
3 tablespoons of cocoa 
1 tablespoon of peanut butter 
Grated coconut q.b. 
4 Whey Protein Scoops

- In a food processor, grind the oats with cocoa. Later add the dates, peanut butter, whey protein and 60ml of water. Mix well until smooth. 
- Roughly chop the hazelnuts. Add them to the previous mixture and wrap well. 
- Molds small balls and passes through the grated coconut and leads to the fridge.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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