5 reasons why you are losing muscle instead of fat

26 July 2021

5 reasons why you are losing muscle instead of fat

5 reasons why you are losing muscle instead of fat

When starting a weight loss process, it is intended to be healthy, meaning that the ideal would be to find the perfect point between burning fat (fat mass) and increasing muscle (lean mass).

However, establishing this balance is not always easy and it is essential that you are focused on the goal. There are options that can help you minimize muscle loss.

Here are 5 reasons why you lose muscle instead of fat:

1- Severe calorie restriction: it is important to include all foods, in a balanced way and correspond to individual energy needs, thus guaranteeing all nutrients in sufficient quantities to avoid a severe caloric deficit;

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2- Little protein intake: it is essential that there is a protein consumption of high biological value (eg: meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes) adequate to your needs and fractionated in other daily meals

3- Inadequate pre- and/or post-workout nutrition: the options or amounts of macro and micronutrients may not be in accordance with the type of physical exercise or intensity. It is essential that pre- and post-workout diets contain a good amount of protein and some carbohydrates, depending on individual needs.

4- Too much "cardio" or too little "weight training": those who practice too much "cardio" run the risk of losing more muscle than fat, not only because they burn more calories, but also because this type of exercise in excess, does not allow the formation of muscle. Thus, it is important to maintain a balanced training plan and prescribed by a professional. This should include cardio and weight training, according to the goal of each person. If muscle loss occurs it is because there is no such balance.

5- Little rest: rest and hours of sleep are essential for good muscle recovery. It is during this period that part of muscle regeneration occurs after exercise. In addition, if there is no restful sleep, we have no energy / desire to train the next day.

To complement these strategies, we suggest using a supplement that reduces muscle breakdown due to its anti-catabolic effect and protects muscle tissue from damage caused by exercise: HMB 3.0 by Rocksprint.

Composed of ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate, a metabolite of leucine synthesized in musculoskeletal tissue and in the liver. This allows stimulating the initiation of protein synthesis, so that the construction of muscle mass occurs.

Benefits of using Rocksprint HMB 3.0:

- Decrease catabolism;
- Accelerated protein synthesis;
- Decrease body fat;
- Speed ​​up recovery;
- Increase strength.

HMB 3.0 should be taken in combination with a balanced and varied diet that contains a daily intake of protein, especially if you exercise regularly.

Did you have doubts? Schedule your free online consultation with one of our Sports Nutrition specialists, on the exclusive Rocksprint Counseling service.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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