5 Essential weight-loss motivation tips

08 July 2021

5 Essential weight-loss motivation tips

5 Essential weight-loss motivation tips

When starting a weight loss process, it isn’t always easy to keep yourself motivated because it’s difficult to stop eating some foods that you love so much. Furthermore, you are often disappointed with the “scales” results.

For weight loss to occur one must obey the mathematical reason: ingest less and spend more, which could translate into "eating less" and "consistent training", but in reality our body and the process of losing weight involves other physiological processes and includes several factors: metabolic, hormonal, psychological… so it's not just diet and training that matters, altought it's the main path!

When we talk about motivation the same thing happens: it’s not static, it depends on several internal and external factors that will condition or stimulate our attitudes and/or decisions every day and at every moment. Therefore, simple strategies such as setting small goals and understanding that each person has their own pace in losing weight, are essential.

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So that you can reach your weight loss goal and feel motivated throughout the process, here are five essential tips:

1 - Define a reason to lose weight: studies show that diet has better results when the motivation "comes from within". Thus, it’s important to define strategies to achieve the goal that led you to start the weight loss process;

2 - Reprogram the mind: whenever you start a diet, it’s important to eliminate “limiting beliefs”, as these create resistance to changing certain habits or behaviors;

3 - Set goals in real periods: setting small goals in real terms is important to evaluate, to celebrate small achievements and stimulate motivation;

4 - Don't give up when you make a mistake: the diet should be a process of change and not an obligation to be fulfilled 100%. When you fail, don't see it as a reason to give up, go ahead and go back to good habits.

5 - Look for professional help: looking for a nutritionist and/or sports professional is essential to define specialized guidelines that fit your lifestyle habits and goals.

These are small strategies to increase motivation and succeed in losing weight, even in the long run. Still, your determination is essential!

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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