5 Essential tips to start training

30 August 2021

5 Essential tips to start training

5 Essential tips to start training

A great reason that can prevent many people from practicing exercise is the so called laziness... Laziness to go to the gym, to go out for a walk or run, laziness to wake up sooner or to come home later...

In fact we always get excuses ... Or it's because it's raining or too hot, or because we do not have time, or because we have things to do at home…

To think about it, here are 5 essential tips to start training and not giving up. You have to be calm, but it also takes effort and, of course, leave laziness aside. Goals have to be realistic, but they have to exist!

1. Choose an activity that gives you pleasure
We don’t have to like it all. Not liking of weight lifting or running, is not justification for not moving ... There are group classes, Crossfit boxes spread throughout the country, municipal swimming pools, outdoor training groups. You have to realize what motivates you the most, before you begin to train and the way is from here…

2. Get company
To get a company is a way to stay motivated and try to go further. It's a lot more fun and, above all, you make a commitment to someone else. It's much harder to play weak.

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3. Define a goal
Whether it is to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle mass, increase endurance and physical strength, what matters is to set a goal. Not creating a goal is like starting a trip without destination, at the risk of going back or staying half way.

4. Ask the help of a professional
No one will be better able to outline goals and ways to achieve them than an expert in the field. A beginner should not start training alone, because he doesn’t know the postures and results of certain movements or exercises, such as a Personal Trainer (PT). Inadequate training can lead to injury or an unsuccessful effort.

5. Set a schedule
One trick to not putting off workouts is to treat them as work meetings. Mark the group classes or workouts you like the most on the agenda, the time of day you are most motivated and organize yourself so you do not fail!

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By Joana Correia, Nutritionist

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