5 Essential Tips to gain weight: food and supplements

30 September 2021

5 Essential Tips to gain weight: food and supplements

5 Essential Tips to gain weight: food and supplements

The ease or difficulty that people have to decrease or increase weight is essentially related to metabolism, but may also depend on genetic factors or health problems.

To stimulate weight gain we don’t need to create a diet rich in processed, saturated fat and refined sugars, as the goal is to gain weight in a balanced way without developing diseases such as dyslipidemia or diabetes.

Most people who want to increase weight have a normal or slightly below ideal fat percentage. What is really lacking is really the muscle mass and this is where we should intervene, both in terms of diet, supplementation and exercise.

Here are 5 essential tips to get you started:

1 - Hypercaloric diet: the caloric value of your meals throughout the day should be higher than the daily expenditure you make on both your training and other days. This food intake must be diversified to correct all vitamin and mineral deficiencies. There are some foods that can bring you a lot of calories in small doses or you can choose to take supplements that increase your caloric value in a simple way. Rockpsprint Solutions: Waxy Maize, Gainer, Volumizer.

2 - Hyperproteic Diet: you should increase your protein intake and distribute it to your various meals throughout the day as it is an essential source of amino acids for muscle growth and recovery. You can get protein from animal (meat, eggs, fish, yogurt, cheese) or vegetable foods (beans, lentils, soy, peanuts) or you can choose to use protein supplements (whey protein, vegan protein or casein) to enrich your your meals. Rocksprint Solutions: Whey Pro, Whey Prime,Iso Whey, Vegan Pro or Casein Pro.

3 - Do not skip meals: in order to gain weight without reducing lean mass, it is essential that you eat meals every 3 hours (5 to 7 meals a day) to reach the total daily calories without stimulating the loss of lean mass that prolonged fasting causes. If you train, the pre and post workout meal becomes even more important. For those who don’t like to walk with the lunch box, there are solutions like protein bars that you can carry everywhere and not giving up snacking. Rocksprint Solution: Protein Bar Supreme.

4 - Consume good quality fats: high-fat foods such as avocado, olive oil, oleaginous fruits and peanut butter are good options for increasing the calorie value of the diet with low food volume. In addition these fats (omegas) help in increasing muscle.

5 - Hydration: for muscle growth to occur, good water consumption is essential because muscle cells need plenty of water to increase volume. In addition, water has several benefits. You should exclude juices and soda from your hydration.

Here is a sample daily plan (approximately 2500Kcal / day) to help you achieve your weight gain goal:

1 Mix Bread (100g) barred with 1 teaspoon peanut butter + 1 Egg (boiled / scrambled) + 1 Cup of coffee / barley with a little vegetable drink

Morning snack:
2 rice tortillas with ½ cinnamon sprinkled avocado + 1 Gelatin 0%

Vegetable soup (without potato) + 100 / 120g lean meat / fish + 80g Basmati / brown rice or quinoa + 150g vegetable / salad

Snack 1:
1 Skyr yogurt + 3 tablespoons oat flakes + 1 tablespoon chia seeds + 1 handful of nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds)

Snack 2:
1 Banana barred with 1 teaspoon peanut butter + 1 egg (boiled)

Vegetable soup (without potato) + 100 / 120g lean meat / fish + 80g Basmati / brown rice or quinoa + 150g vegetable / salad

1 Fresh Cheese (50g) + 1 Handful of Dried Fruit (Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds)

As each case is a case, it is important to have a professionally monitored diet from a Nutritionist. Then you realize what you can eat, the right amounts for you, as well as the supplements that can help with this process.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist