5 Essential tips on preparing a Marathon

17 June 2021

5 Essential tips on preparing a Marathon

5 Essential tips on preparing a Marathon

Generally speaking, most people who start regular running practice quickly begin to think about achieving more competitive goals.

In this article we will address 5 points to take into account in preparation for one of the most famous athletics events: the Marathon.

Before starting any sports activity, it is essential to carry out a medical evaluation in advance, in order to understand the general health of the patient, thus eliminating any risk factors that could jeopardize individual safety.

So, taking into account that the specific preparation of a test must be planned, oriented and structured according to several factors, it is fundamental to find a professional in the area of ​​Physical Exercise, especially for those who have little experience in this field.

The Marathon is a test that requires a lot of preparation, it takes months of training to be physically and mentally fit to perform, however there are some tips that can help you achieve this goal.

So, let’s see 5 tips you can use on preparing a Marathon:

1. Muscular reinforcement muscular strength is an indispensable physical capacity in the accomplishment of any human movement - it is through muscular contraction that we can walk, run, jump, etc. The development of this capacity is a very important point, not only in terms of injury prevention, but also in increasing sports performance.

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2. Equipment - although the material necessary to practice running is simple and inexpensive, when we speak of taking tests in a competitive context, it is very important to pay more attention to this parameter, especially to footwear, which should provide a good cushioning and stability to lower members. As for clothing, this should be adapted to the training conditions: if the external temperature is low, we should choose clothing that helps to maintain body temperature; if warm and humid, we should opt for lightweight and breathable clothing in order to allow an adequate exchange of heat and moisture.

3. Adequate rhythm - bets on a gradual increase of intensity, in order to let the body adapt to the stimulus to which it is being subjected. How we manage the effort during the running will have an impact on the performance and result achieved. Thus, starting at a higher pace usually forces a slower end of test; otherwise starting the test at too low a pace may have some negative effect on the end result, hence the importance of determining the "ideal rhythm" of each one.

4. Food - food is a key element for the well-being of any person, but when we talk about athletes, it gains more meaning. Taking into account the specific characteristics of the Marathon, the diet should be rich in carbohydrates and protein. This type of nutrition provides the body with the energy and amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body. We cannot, of course, forget the importance of a proper body hydration.

However, each case is a case and therefore, the preparation of a food plan must be carried out by a nutrition professional, who adjusts the macronutrients to the individual needs of each one.

5. Listening to the signs of the body - it is quite common, when people begin to prepare a competitive goal, that motivation is quite high. This often leads to an increase in training and intensity, with the mistaken notion that they will reach the goal faster. If the recovery time is not respected, not only will the yield deteriorate, but the risk of injury will increase exponentially. Symptoms such as pain, inflammation or swelling of some joints are warning signs to which we must always be alert. Stopping in these cases is advisable in order to promote a complete and effective recovery of the organism, leaving it ready for the new challenges.

Good training.

By Tiago Oliveira, Personal Trainer