4 playlists +200 songs to energize your workout

26 January 2018

4 playlists +200 songs to energize your workout

4 playlists +200 songs to energize your workout

Listening to music as we do exercise has a dynamic effect of our motivation with direct reflexes in the intensity with which we do each series or run every kilometer.

Here are some suggestions for playlists available on Spotify™.Just click and listen... good training!

Fitness Motivation by fitfreakmusic – 50 songs
From Eminem’s powerful rap to the Thunderstruck of ACDC you will not lack energy and intensity in your training. A diverse playlist full of power.


Run Wild by Spotify – 75 songs
The choice of Spotify to accompany you in your races. Who runs with music get faster and farther away.


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Motivation Workout by We Rabbitz – 103 songs
This list seems to have no end. Over 100 songs, inexhaustible energy for a paced workout, no losses, only winnings. Motivated? Let’s do it!


Tabata Soundtracks Special Edition by Tabata Music – 15 songs
Ready for your training Tabata? Here are 15 songs to accompany you in this high intensity drama. 3, 2, 1, GO!


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