+130 Musics for your vacations workouts

24 July 2018

+130 Musics for your vacations workouts

+130 Musics for your vacations workouts

Finally the heat is coming and also the desire to go on holiday break the usual routines of the rest to year.

But vacations are also synonymous with training in different environments and so we suggest you here 4 Spotify playlists for your summer training:


Mike D´s HIIT Workout Playlist

From Steve Aoki to Basement Jaxx here you have everything for your morning training. The best way to wake up to a rhythmic workout.



Bodyforce Playlist

You already found the gym where you will train on vacation! Listen to these 20 songs for an intense workout that also warms up for a night of fun


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+100 TOP WORKOUT 2018

Words for what? There's everything. The best music selection for great workouts on vacation.

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